When our posture is correct the internal forces of our body work together with the force of gravity in a non-detrimental way. The human body, to work well, must function in all of its parts and altogether.

Fields of Application

  • Equistasi® is a medical device that assists professionals in their daily work. The beneficial effects of the vibration of Equistasi® are usually perceived in the 20 minutes after the first application and register a constant and daily improvement.
  • Equistasi® is a portable device, therefore offers the advantage of being able to wear it during daily motor activities and during treatment with the physicaltherapist.
  • Equistasi® optimizes functional recovery times  and improves movement autonomy substantially.
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

    riabilitazione ortopedicaIn the orthopedic field, the areas of the application of Equistasi® are multiple.

    The strengthening action of motor control and the normalization of muscle tone, allow it to intervene on chronic and acute pathologies, on dimorphisms and paramorphisms , in pre – and post- surgery .

    Through the application of Equistasi® the physical therapist can notably improve recovery time, up to 70% in respect to a standard treatment.
    trattamento standard.

  • Neurological Rehabilitation

    riabilitazione neurologicaEquistasi® proposes treatment for both adults and children with problems  of movement functions and of tone caused by injury to the central nervous system.

    The treatment with  Equistasi® is meant to be an interrelation between the therapist and the patient, this relationship leads to an improvement of its function.

    Equistasi® allows the therapist  to intervene on very serious  neurological pathologies. The medical device is able to strengthen residual capacity of the patient, acting on motor control and on the alterations of muscular tone. The object of the treatment is to optimize the improving postural control.

    Parkinson’s disease

    In the Rehabilitative Hospital of the City of Venice, Dr. Daniele Volpe has recently finished a scientific protocol on the effects of vibration (FV) of the Equistasi® device on Parkinson’s disease patients with equilibrium problems.

    The Study has generated such unexpected results that they were defined exceptional even by the same experimenters.

    The Study has generated such unexpected results that they were defined exceptional even by the same experimenters. From the Romberg test and through the help of the stabilometric platform an increase in the proprioceptive capacity has been observed and a relevant decrease in the number of falls in the patient during the Equistasi® rehabilitative therapy.

    Following this is presented the Study abstract:
    “The effect of focal mechanical vibrations with a wearable device (Equistasi) on rehabilitation of postural instability in Parkinson’s disease” è stato inviato al comitato scientifico del “The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS)” per poter essere discusso al 18° International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders di Stoccolma a giugno 2014.

  • Sport

    sportDoing sports activities is a beneficial action for the organism, even though during the activity our body is continually subjected to biomechanical stimuli and traumatic events that condition our state of health, our well-being and optimal performance capacity.

    – Equistasi® improves the motor recovery time of all traumatic events that can happen during sports activities.

    – Equistasi® strengthens motor control postural stability: with less energetic loss and guaranties a better performace.

    – Equistasi® is a certified medical non-doping device.

    The technical analysis made by the Università degli Studi di Milano, Toxicology Analysis Laboratory of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science have confirmed the particular benefits of the product and have excluded that the application of Equistasi® could absorb substances that have a pharmacological action and therefore is of toxicological interest.

  • A help with pain

    aiuto per il doloreThe human being cannot stand living in pain.  Therefore our bodies assume analgesic positions that alter the biomechanical structure and the correct function of internal organs.

    Equistasi® is an analgesic medical device whose effects can be perceived in the minutes following the application. The analgesic effect of the FV vibration is due to the afferent barrage alongside the unmyelinated paths ( Melzack and Wall Gate Control Theory – 1965). Specifically, the Equistasi® FV strengthens the pre-synaptic  inhibition of the inputs generated by peripheral nociceptive nerves..

    Form the analgesic point of view, The Equistasi® FV have been also tested by a controlled clinical trial carried out by Dr. Enrico Alfonsi from the Istituto Neurologico IRCCS Casimiro Mondino in Pavia. The study is still in the publication stage, although it is possible to state that the results achieved are excellent.

  • Correct Posture

    corregge la posturaThe human body tends to assume an asymmetrical and incorrect position that mechanical vibration can correct.

    An altered posture  can cause ,according to the duration and gravity,  the onset of  discomfort, pain or invalidity.

    Equistasi® is a vibro-tactile medical device that self-generates  focal mechanical vibration (FV), which determines a corrective function of the postural schemes and which allows the recovery of a correct alignment.

  • A Help for the Elderly

    aiuto agli anzianiIn the third and fourth age the body loses force and vigor.  Therefore the elderly person is subject to multiple senile orthopedic and neurological pathologies, that mine the quality of life forcing them to undergo a pharmacological therapy that is often very invasive.

    Equistasi®  is not a medication. It is a durable portable medical device that removes pain and improves balance.