• The Gait & Posture, a journal specializing in the scientific dissemination of articles and clinical publications on all aspects of movement and balance, has published a new clinical study regarding the effects of the Equistasi® medical device on gait and balance of patients with Parkinson’s.

    The trial was conducted by experts and specialists who have searched for effective treatment to cure this disorder for years. The work involved the team of professors and researchers of the University of Padua, supported by Prof. Fabiola Spolaor and Dr. Daniele Volpe.

    Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition characterized by tremors, rigidity, Brady kinesiology, and gait problems, mainly arising from a dopamine deficiency. Gait disturbance is a key component of motor disability in PD patients. In particular, the gait cycle is influenced by rigidity, postural instability, and camptocormic posture; in people with Parkinson’s the stride and speed of the gait are decreased.

    Equistasi® is proposed as a valuable support for patients afflicted with Parkinson’s. As part of their current treatment, it can improve balance, increase physical stability and reduce the risk of falling associated with muscle weakness.

    The full text of this study can be found at or