• dolore-articolare-al-ginocchio

    Pain in the knee is a very frequent aspecific symptom which presents itself very often in climbing or descending the stairs or carrying a heavy bag and the causes may be multiple.

    After having had a specialist visit it is possible to utilize the treatment with the Equistasi device in order to reduce greatly the symptom the test for the efficacy of the Equistasi medical device has been done through a double blind study with a control group of six patients affected with arthritis of the knee and consequently with chronic gonalgia

    From the research and the successive experimentation effectuated it is possible to consider the postural stabilizer Equistasi as an innovative instrument. A point of force is the extremely contained dimension that gives maximum liberty of movement to the patient even during physical therapy treatment.

    The treatment is painless and consists of the application of a small device on the point that needs to be treated, the benefits can even be immediate. You can ask for information at 0295138354 or write to