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Equistasi® and Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disease characterised by the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the basal ganglia leading to a progressive and neurodegenerative movement disorder, with symptoms reflecting various impairments and functional limitations, such as postural instability, gait disorders, immobility, and falls.

Applied on the skin as a rehabilitative therapy aid for patients affected by this disease, the Equistasi® device allows the stimulation of the proprioceptive system, helping patients reacquire their body perception and perform more correct movements, reducing the falls rate and improving general balance. From the literature (Volpe et al. 2014), it is clear how the nano-vibrations of the Equistasi amplify proprioceptive afferents (observations with eyes closed) with better patient stability as a consequence.

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Equistasi® and Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), also known as plaque sclerosis, disseminated sclerosis, or polysclerosis, is a chronic, demyelinating, autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system causing a wide spectrum of signs and symptoms.

Important clinical studies show that patients affected by a form of multiple sclerosis treated with Equistasi® as a support to regular medical therapy show progress in walking, during the first step, in the average step length, in the simultaneous double support on the right and on the left, and overall less fatigue to complete these actions. The optimisation of the postural system also affects the patient’s balance, which is also more stable, with the ability of having more room to move (Functional Reach Test).

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Equistasi® and Ataxia

Ataxia is a disorder of the central nervous system, characterised by the progressive loss of motor-muscle coordination and voluntary movements, in the absence of paralysis.

In combination with a cycle of rehabilitative therapies, the use of the Equistasi device would produce considerable improvements in the degree of impairment of patients affected by Hereditary Ataxias (Friedreich’s and Spinocerebellar) – measured on the official scale for the assessment and rating of Ataxia (SARA) – the motor coordination of the dominant limb and the general gait. Moreover, the data would seem to indicate significant improvements in speech and upper limb coordination. Naturally, greater levels of impairment correspond to lower levels of benefit, thus confirming the need to intervene early with rehabilitative treatments and vibrational therapy also in these pathologies.

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Equistasi® and neurological rehabilitation

The therapy that exploits focal mechanical vibrations supports adults and children affected by movement and tone disorders caused by a lesion of the central nervous system.

It is a suitable tool for the modulation of spinal proprioception circuits and the improvement of the efferent circuits at the base of motor activities, regardless of lesion type.

For these reasons, the application of Equistasi® in neurological rehabilitation, as in Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, has the goal of optimising the patient’s neuromuscular function, enhancing residual abilities and improving postural control.

After a physician specialised in the method defines the therapy’s application points and dosage, the patient can continue safely and independently while following the directions received, at home, at work, while doing sports, or at any time of the day.

Practicing sports is of benefit to the body, even though the body is continually subject to biomechanical stresses and traumatic events that affect the state of health, well-being, and optimal performance capacity.

Equistasi® and Pain Control

Humans cannot stand living in pain. Therefore, the body assumes antalgic postures, which alter the biomechanical structure and the correct functioning of the internal organs.

Equistasi® is a medical device with antalgic properties, whose effects are perceived within minutes of its application.

The antalgic effect of the FV vibration is due to the afferent barrage along the myelinated pathways.

The Equistasi® FV enhances presynaptic inhibition and, therefore, inputs originating from peripheral nociceptive afferents can be inhibited, effectively reducing the sensation of pain. These vibrations were also tested in a controlled and randomised Electrophysiological trial, performed by Dr Enrico Alfonsi of the IRCCS Casimiro Mondino Neurological Institute Hospital of Pavia, which can verify the amount of presynaptic inhibition that Equistasi can amplify and how much the focal vibrations affect the spinal circuit of the Soleus muscle.

Equistasi® and Sports

Practicing sports is of benefit to the body, even though the body is continually subject to biomechanical stresses and traumatic events that affect the state of health, well-being, and optimal performance capacity.

Equistasi® is an important ally from a sports point of view:

Improves the speed of motor recovery from all the traumatic events that can occur while doing sports.
Enhances motor control and postural stability. Less energy dispersion ensures better performance.
It has been certified as a non-doping medical device. The technical analyses carried out by the University of Milan, Chemical/Toxicological Analysis Laboratory of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, have excluded that the application of Equistasi® may determine the absorption of substances with pharmacological action and therefore be toxic to the body.

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