Equistasi® at IARIA Awards 2018 for Best Papers

The recent study “Proprioceptive Focal Stimulation (Equistasi®) May Improve Motor Symptoms in Moderate Parkinson’s Disease Patients. Italian Multicentric Preliminary Open Study” has received the “Best Papers” Award from the International Academy, Research and Industry Association.

Also known as IARIA, the association initiates a series of online journals specially dedicated to promote outstanding papers presented in its conferences. In 2018, it has credited the scientific study of Equistasi® conducted by Antonella Peppe, Paolo Paone, Stefano Paravati, Maria Giulia Baldassarre, Leila Bakdounes, Fabiola Spolaor, Annamaria Guiotto, Davide Pavan, Zimi Sawacha, Daniela Clerici, Nicola Cau, Alessandro Mauro, Giovanni Albani, Micol Avenali, Giorgio Sandrini, Cristina Tassorelli, Daniele Volpe.

The results obtained from the study carried out on a group of patients, encourage to study mechanical focal vibration as stimulation of the proprioceptive system in Parkinson’s disease. The effect of the device on patients opens up a new possibility for disease management: data indicate that the device improves postural stability and gait performance.

Studies conducted on Parkinson’s patients with a high instability rating using Equistasi® in a physiotherapy program have experienced improvements in movements and balance. Learn more, contact us.

The official communication can be viewed at IARIA Awards SPWID18.