Equistasi® is a portable medical device that can be worn during daily motor activities and rehabilitation treatment.

Equistasi® and Multiple Sclerosis

Equistasi® optimizes the postural system of patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and produces improvements in movement coordination and walking.

Equistasi® and Sports

Equistasi® enhances the motor control and postural stability of athletes. Less energy loss guarantees better sports performance.

Equistasi® and Ataxia

The use of the Equistasi® device would produce considerable improvements in the degree of impairment of patients affected by Hereditary Ataxias.

Equistasi® and neurological rehabilitation

The application of Equistasi® in neurological rehabilitation optimizes the patient's neuro-muscular function, enhancing his residual capacities and improving postural control.

Equistasi® and Pain Control

Equistasi® is a medical device with antalgic properties, whose effects are perceived within minutes of its application.
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