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Equistasi® has characteristics that make it, to date, a highly innovative tool:

It's wearable

The device is applied like you would a regular bandage strip during daily motor activities with total independence or during the rehabilitation treatment carried out by a physiotherapist or professional in the sector.

It's lightweight

The device is 1×2 cm in size and has a feather-light weight of only 0.17 grams.

It's multi-applicable

The device can be reused several times and in different areas for different issues, depending on the instructions of the therapist or doctor.

It will not expire

Other than general wear, the device will never expire.

What is Equistasi® made of?

Equistasi® is composed exclusively of applied nanotechnology fibres and does not contain any pharmacological elements. It provides support for the patient's rehabilitative therapy.

When it can be used?

In the pathological field, Equistasi® can be used in the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and Ataxia and in the rehabilitation treatment of diseases affecting the central nervous system. In the non-pathological field, Equistasi® supports training and sporting activity of any level, to improve gesture and athletic performance.

What are the effects of its vibrations?

Focal mechanical vibration applied on the affected muscular areas interacts with the mechanoreceptors, the Golgi tendon organs and the neuromuscular spindles. The stimuli generated by the vibrations transmit the information to the central nervous system. Stimulated by the vibrations, the higher motor centres improve the proprioceptive information that underlies motor control.

What are the results of the treatment?

Clinical studies have shown that the continuous use of the Equistasi® device in the pathological field has an action on the patient's prioprioception, optimizing his neuro-muscular functions. It improves postural control and speed in movement, improves balance, reduces falls, fatigue and spasticity. In the non-pathological field, the Equistasi® device has an effect on performance: it increases the proprioceptive capacity, reducing the effort and the number of workouts necessary to achieve the objectives.

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