Equistasi in Parkinson’s Disease Therapy: A Clinical Study by Professor Pezzoli

The Parkinson’s Center ASST G. Pini-CTO, in Milan, in collaboration with the Grigioni Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease, will conduct an observational study entitled “Effect of Focal Mechanical Vibration on Freezing Gait in Parkinson’s Disease patients: Open-label, Single-arm Study”.

One of the most serious degenerative consequences stemming from Parkinson’s disease is “freezing”, commonly described as the feeling of the feet remaining glued to the floor as if they were frozen.

Freezing episodes, though transient and short-lived, can affect the day-to-day activities of the subject whom, for a few seconds, is incapable of starting or continuing a movement.

The study, designed and followed by the team of Professor Gianni Pezzoli, co-founder and president of the Italian Parkinson’s Association (AIP), is aimed at verifying the effectiveness of the Focal Mechanism Vibrations generated by the medical device in the treatment of freezing.

To know more about the study, its progress and results, contact us as info@equistasi.com.