#UniteForParkinsons: World Parkinson’s Day

World Parkinson’s Day takes place every year on April 11 and represents a great opportunity for the international community to join together and raise awareness about the condition of people affected by this disease.

The theme of the day is summarized in the official hashtag #UniteForParkinson: thanks to the new tools of digital communication, the international community that revolves around Parkinson’s disease – not only the patients who are affected, but also all health care professionals and organizations who deal with them all over the world – will be able to make sure their voices will be heard, and help themselves to spread the knowledge of this pathology. Greater attention towards this disease is essential to further encourage research worldwide.

This is why Equistasi supports #UniteForParkinsons, with the conviction that only through a real knowledge of this condition, the continuous research and the sharing of experiences it will be possible to get a cure and improve living conditions of people who are affected by Parkinson’s.

Read more at WorldParkinsonsDay.com.